Community Center


  • Resident: $75/day
  • Non-Resident: $125/day
  • Non-Profit Businesses/Organizations:  $0.00/day
  • For-Profit Businesses/Organizations:  $10.00/hour

Rental information, Rules, and Other Useful Information:

      • Approval of this application is at the discretion of the Village Office.  Reservations are issued on a first come, first served basis, with the exception of the Village of North Freedom and its functions events.
      • The requested dates and times, as long as there are no other conflicts, will be entered into the official Village Calendar by the Village Clerk.
      • Applicants must pay the Community Center rental fee - $75.00 for Residents of the Village of North Freedom / $125.00 for Non-Residents / $0.00 for Non-Profit Organizations or Village Related Functions, and $10.00 per hour for For-Profit Organizations.  All prices above are per day.
      • No animals are allowed in the Community Center except service animals – see Village of North Freedom Animal Policy
      • Maximum capacity is 85 persons.  DO NOT exceed this limit.
      • The Community Center is heated and cooled throughout the year and while it may be necessary to prop the outside door open at time to bring in items, the outside door cannot be permanently propped open for your event.
      • The Community Center, tables, and chairs must be returned to the way they were found.
      • Upon arriving and leaving the facilities, I will keep the used area in the condition, or better, as it was found.
      • You must sweep floors and spot mop any spills - cleaning supplies can be found in the storage room, along with extra tables and chairs.
      • DO NOT drag tables or chairs across the floor.  If done and marks are visibly seen, the above "Contact Person", will be billed at the hourly wage of the Public Works Director for restoration of the floors.
      • The tables are not designed to hold a large weight capacity in the center of the table.  Please evenly distribute items placed on the table and DO NOT SIT OR STAND on them.  Users of the Community Center that bend the tables will incur a charge to replace the table.
      • Trash must be placed in the trash/recycling bins outside of the side door (between the buildings) in the provided bags after your event.  Extra garbage bags can be found in the top drawer next to the garbage cans.
      • DO NOT use tape or thumb tacks on the walls or ceiling.
      • Appliances, sink/counter, etc. are for your use, but the items in the cabinets marked "Munch Bunch" are NOT for public use.  This is property of the North Freedom Public Library.
      • I will bring what I need to serve and clean up my event.  I will also take all food/beverage/serving items I bring into the building back home with me.
      • Events must be held ONLY during the open hours of the Community Center.  No operations between the hours of 11:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M.
      • The sales of alcoholic beverages are ONLY allowable during LICENSED events.  If a Picnic License is required, please see Chapter 12 (Licenses & Permits) of the Village Code for more information.
      • The Village of North Freedom will not be held liable or responsible for any personal items left on the premises or left in vehicles.  I will make sure to lock or secure the doors of the building when I leave and any lights or water will be turned off.
      • Individuals or groups using the facilities are responsible for any damage to the area or equipment used and will be expected to pay for the damage and/or labor required to repair.  Any damage will be billed to the named "Contact Person" above.
      • If you should have significant problems with the building (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc.), I will call (or text) the Director of Public Works at 608-522-4522 or the Village Clerk at 608-522-4550.
      • The Lessee acknowledges the ongoing COVID-19 virus pandemic and acknowledges the potential adverse health effects of contracting the COVID-19 virus.  The Village of North Freedom respectfully makes the reasonable expectation/asking that the Lessee be aware of any guidelines set forth by the state and federal levels applying to the COVID-19.  Therefore, the Village of North Freedom respectfully makes the reasonable expectation/asking that the Lessee to acknowledge that it is their responsibility to comply with any state/federal law or guidelines and that the Village of North Freedom shall not be responsible for anyone contracting COVID-19.
      • The Lessee shall defend, indemnify, and hold the Village of North Freedom, and included but not limited to its elected officials, employees, departments, etc., harmless from and against any and all, included but not limited to claims, demands, penalties, fines, liabilities, settlements, damages, costs and/or expenses of any kind or nature from or arising out of any act, omission, or negligence of any person or organization, or of any occupant, visitor, or user of the Community Center, including legal fees and expenses for expert witnesses/consultants, arising out of, or in any way connected with the rental and/or use of the Community Center by Lessee.  This indemnification is indefinite and shall inure to the benefit of the Village of North Freedom.
      • The Lessee represents that they hold adequate liability insurance, if applicable.
      • The Lessee acknowledges that this agreement may change at any time when the Office or Village Board see fit to add or remove applicable items.

Thank you for your cooperation, enjoy your event!

To reserve the community center, please email or fill out this online form:  Community Center Reservation Form.