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April 6, 2021 – Spring Election Results

April 6, 2021 – Spring Election Results

The Village of North Freedom Board Positions are the following:

Village President (voters were asked to vote for not more than 1):

Andrew Dear – 82 votes

Un-Registered Write-In – Darrel Weiland – 1 vote

Village Trustees (voters were asked to vote for not more than 3):

Trent Beale – 46 votes

Michael Carignan – 68 votes

Al Doering – 71 Votes

Michael Weiland – 56 votes

Thank you for everyone who voted!  There was 104 voters who participated from the Village!  Click the link to go to the Sauk County Clerk’s website to look at all of Sauk County’s unoffical Spring Election results:  https://www.co.sauk.wi.us/countyclerk/april-6-2021-spring-election-results?fbclid=IwAR0PGTIJcduGRlDTEWCZMKb9JlLjLRCfJUIOwSDKhZrOCM2RDBMh2cI72s8.

The next part of this election is for the election results to be verified by the State of Wisconsin.  Check out Wisconsin Elections Commission for more information!