2023 Community Wide Garage Sales: There is still time to get on the list for this years Community Wide Garage Sale with the Village of North Freedom & Village of Rock Springs! Call the office today! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Bucrld2IDXR2fRtowgdws-Qh17DmjGJw0zkmC1kYeUo/edit?usp=sharing  


2022 Community Garage Sale Weekend

The Village of North Freedom and the Village of Rock Springs are hosting a Community Wide Garage Sale Weekend!  June 9-12!  Below is a link of all the addresses and hours of operation that wanted to be on the master list, but there are many more participating!  Hopefully the rains holds off for some of the days!  Come check us out!  We would love to have you!  Happy sales!